Delicia Burnell

“Love isn’t something you feel. It is something you become.” Deepak Chopra

I have always been sensitive from birth, and coming from an artistic and spiritual background has given me great opportunities and life experiences that I have now been able to bring together as a shamanic energy healer. I initially trained as an artist at the Slade School of fine Art and then trained as a platform medium at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain. 

Growing up in Notting Hill was an eclectic and enriching experience that allowed me to encounter all manner of people and customs. These broadened my understanding and compassion and added to my appreciation of our ancestors and the many ways we honour them within different cultures. Later, studying archeology and traveling extensively in India, the Far East and Japan to experience religious festivals, added a deeper appreciation of human condition and ritual.

Surrounded by clairvoyants, I was asked to train to become a medium at the age of 12. Having seen so much death at an early age I was aware of people in the most intimate of situations and how emotions hold us. This sharpened my deep sensitivity to all areas of our human life.

I was privileged at a young age to be a bridesmaid to nuns entering into marriage with God through Poor Clairs Nunnery. I spent time with nuns in their enclosed order which enriched my deep spiritual understanding of how many different ways there are that lead a universal connection to humanity; within aspects of conventional religion and through other spiritual paths.

I have demonstrated clairvoyance in and around London and the South East including at the Stockwell Spiritualist Church and other locations in the UK and abroad.

I have trained, worked with and assisted the Four Winds Society in the art of healing the luminous body, the ancient practice of Peruvian shamanic transformation led by Alberto Villoldo, Linda Fitch and Chris Waters.

I am also part of the Dying Consciously Organisation.