Delicia Burnell

I have had many shamanic healing sessions, Delicia is by far the best I've come across. She draws on many disciplines and shares her wisdom when appropriate. I find Delicia's work to be lovingly held, deeply powerful and suited to my individual needs. I would recommend her without hesitation.” Charlotte, Dorset

“I can't thank you enough Delicia, the effect meeting you has had on my life is just incredible! It's extraordinary how far we've come since we began working together two and a half years ago. You have an amazing talent and your honesty and integrity are incomparable. I really appreciate having a therapist I can go to who can support me in facing parts of myself I've been too afraid to face. Your have helped me grow, spiritually, without the 'fluff', which is rare in the healing world. Through the work we have done I've come to believe in myself and my life has leapt forward. Delicia you are magical, one in a million.”
Elizabeth Oswell

“I am feeling subtle changes every day and these are allowing me to perceive the world with more clarity, to take things less personally and to see my next steps. Working with Delicia has enabled me to acknowledge parts of myself which I had kept hidden for many years.

“When I went to work with Delicia I was entirely disempowered, broke, deeply unhappy in my profession and wondering what to do with my life. I was begining to feel stunted and very angry. One year later and my entire life has changed completely. I have found myself entirely empowered; I now have more opportunities for growth in my career and life than I have ever had at any other point in the past.

Delicia’s sharp physic mediumistic acumen combined with her healing ability and gentle loving nature helped me to get to the point where I was able to realise old patterns and completely transform my life. It is nothing short of a miracle. Her gift is as rare and as valuable as she is.”
Natalie Turner-Jones

“I was blown away by her profound knowledge on shamanism and the way she used it. I progressed very rapidly in her expert hands and felt free to talk about everything. I have healed a great deal of my past hang-ups, put a lot of order in my life and have deepened beyond expectations the profound connection with our ultimate harmony. All you have to do is surrender in to Delicia’s expertise, it’s alchemy.

I can only recommend Delicia.”
Anne Proton

“Delicia has been able to help me in a huge number of ways since I started work with her about four months ago. I have taken on the challenge of working through my grief associated with the loss of my son to cot death.

I have moved forward in many areas of my life that had been blocked by grief from an accumulation of many losses and traumas that I had experienced and have begun to achieve lightness and positively that I haven't had before.

I have been able to express myself much more freely in performance and in communication in general as I have been restored to the person I would/could have been had I been spared the challenges that I had experienced.”


“With an approach that combines psychology and healing, Delicia’s work has really helped me gain a greater understanding of the problems that I can overcome in life. Delicia is a life force whose healing work achieves astonishing results; intuitive and sweet she bathes you in light, removing the black that holds you.

However unexplainable, it works - with undeniable clarity.

I can't thank Delicia enough or recommend her more highly for anyone who is seeking to improve the quality of their life and be at the centre of their true power and potential.”
Vanessa Robertson

“Delicia is an inspirational person in my life, perhaps the most inspirational person in my life. She has bought a calmness to my life I have never known and helped me to move forward from difficult events that had kept me stagnant. I look forward to our sessions, as I know I will be able to air everything on my mind and soul, and breathe again!”
Jas Kaur

“Over the past 15 years I have made a small career of seeing alternative therapists. The difference I’ve found, since regular engaging work with Delicia, is that finally, after all this time, I've noticed a change. I've not achieved anything near this ‘quantum’ progress in multiple years of psychotherapy. Most remarkable is that even what I thought was a physical shoulder injury, which I battled with in agony for months, instantly vanished during a clearing session.

“I started having shamanic treatments with her two years ago and I cannot recommend her enough. Her work has helped me enormously to progress through the journey that is life. It has helped me to connect at a very deep level to my inner being and has helped to bring insight and peace within myself.”
Michael Haran

“I met Delicia in 2007 through a friend, when I had broken up with my boyfriend and the world was upside down. I have been seeing Delicia on a regular basis and I have to say that with her help and healing I become a completely different person. I have been always amazed with seeing my problems from different perspective and see how solution can be easier then what I think. And I am grateful to have her as my healer. And very happy to go forward in my life.”
Mesut Olcas

“I was introduced to Delicia over a year ago when again i was in one of the darkest periods of my life. She journeyed back with me with care and the most compassion i have ever experienced with someone in order for me to understand more clearly why certain things in my past had affected me so much in my everyday life. I can't even begin to explain how much more clarity, confidence and trust in the universe i have today. Thank you Delicia.”