Delicia Burnell

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” Marianne Williamson

There are nine great rites of enlightenment, known by the Q'ero shamans of Peru as the Munay-Ki. Munay-Ki is a Q’uechuan word which translates as ‘I love you’, or ‘be as thou art’. These rites are gifted at the beginning of the journey to enlightenment, to awaken our capacities to heal and transform our luminous energy bodies.  

In Munay-Ki there are two different types of rites: Lineage Rites and Foundation Rites. Lineage Rites connect us to humans who have lived before us while Foundation Rites remind us of our innate skills and our connectedness with all the elements of nature.

Find out more about the Nine Great Rites:

  • The Healers Rite, or Voyagers Rite
    • The Voyager Rite is a Lineage Rite and helps us recognise and acknowledge that we are on a spiritual journey.
  • The Bands of Power
    • The Bands of Power are five coloured bands of light, all connected to an element, which are organized through intention from the rainbow fountain of light that encircles our physical body. When the bands are in place we become consciously connected to the earth, the waters, fire, the wind, and pure spirit. This allows us to deal with and heavy unusable energy and allow any fear based armoring to drop away.
  • The Harmony Rite
    • The Harmony Rites place an ally into each chakra bring harmony and transformation. In the first four Chakras power animal energies are placed. All of the allies help clear heavy energies and allow for the fullness of the rainbow body to shine forth through our physical bodies, relationships, mythic journey, and spirit nature.
  • The Seer Rite
    • The Seer Rite weaves five pathways of light from the third eye to the visual cortex, activating our natural ability to perceive the information and energy around us. You will no longer be able to block out your own shadow and you will be able to see the shadow and light of others more clearly.
    • The foundation of the first three rites prepares our luminous energy field to hold the vibration and growth available in the next five rites.
  • The Day Keeper Rite
    • The Daykeeper Rite awakens within us an appreciation for our feminine gifts and connects us with people who have fully awakened their nurturing ways. Both male and female people have the capacity to access and use the gifts of the feminine, and it is said that we must reconnect with our feminine side before we can know and embody the true nature of the masculine.
  • The Wisdom Keeper Rite
    • The Wisdomkeeper Rite offers the gifts of the divine masculine. In conjunction with the connectedness and nurturing of the divine feminine, the benefits of focused, linear and critical thinking can be utilised fully.
    • The Wisdomkeeper is the part of us that seeks our own council and is self-referencing and self-regulating. This part of us can bring great focus to our work, and the world's problems.
  • The Earth Keeper Rite
    • The Earthkeeper Rite connects us with a lineage of human beings who have fulfilled their divine feminine and masculine. It allows the ego to become fulfilled, and the soul to lead. We begin to vision the most beautiful future possible of the Earth.
  • The Star Keeper Rite
    • The Starkeeper Rite expands our being even further, to the places throughout all time, to the stars and beyond. We begin to work with energy, time, and space as one. We learn how to dance in the stars, journey forward into the future and bring back what is needed to fulfill the now.
    • Stars are brought down into each chakra preparing the luminous body to begin to shine with the light of the sun.
  • The Creator Rite
    • The Creator Rite is the final rite in the process of human enlightenment. It takes all the previous Rites to prepare the luminous body, as well as the mental and physical bodies, to hold the energy of this rite.

As we work through our issues with feminine, masculine, ego, story, time, space, and energy, we become truly free. We know ourselves as creation itself. The soul becomes able to come down into our physical body. This is the stage of Christ consciousness, Buhdda consciousness. Those who shine with the light of the sun, gods walking on earth.

These are the Munay-Ki, the Great Rites of Enlightenment. Anyone can attain the purity of body and soul offered by these rites and make a better world for themselves and all others.