Delicia Burnell

“A human being is part of the the whole called by us the universe, a part limited by time and space, we experiance ourselves with thoughts and feelings as separate from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of our consciousness” Albert Einstein

Delicia will use a range of shamanic healing with clients. During an initial consultation session Delicia will identify what a client needs and explain the process and what can be expected. Clients should understand that they are making the first steps on a journey of ultimate self-discovery. Delicia will be a guide and mentor on this journey, keeping you safe and ensuring that you understand what you are experiencing.

Understanding communication on all levels is key to Delicia linking with her clients. This allows her to fully track energy and timelines in order to pursue an outcome that shifts both the place and time that we find ourselves in. Called the Path of Fire, things move quickly and Delica remains close to her clients throughout the process.

A typical early session will include illumination, shifting imprints from the energy field and extractions, as explained more fully below.

Find out more about:

  • Illumination
    • Allowing you to find a place of grace, wisdom and power, illumination is the experience of being spiritually reborn. Illumination will allow you to see the world through new eyes; healing the emotions that drain you of energy and attaining an ability to perceive any situation as an opportunity for spiritual growth. You will escape the constricts of this false reality and awaken the higher qualities of purity, love, compassion and charity. By embracing these life-giving attributes you will cleanse yourself at a cellular level.
  • Extraction
    • Extraction is a process of releasing energy that is trapped in the energy field or body. We all have energy fields within and around our bodies. Some of this energy is ‘misplaced’ and forms a blockage that leads to differing problems. These may be physical, mental or both. During extraction Delicia will find your negative energy and remove it, making sure it is safely released.
  • Soul retrieval
    • Soul retrieval helps you discover the original wounds that derailed your destiny. Pieces of your soul can leave your body in times of trauma. This energy leaves the body and does not return. The result can be a loss of energy and vitality resulting in apathy, fatigue and a sense of hopelessness. People often feel unlovable and have difficulty feeling connected within themselves.
    • Soul retrieval returns the essence of the soul to the body and allows you to become more complete and grounded. You will experience a return of your vibrancy, energy and enthusiasm enabling you to begin to live a life of grace and abundance.
  • Cord cutting
    • Sometimes energy that has become attached to us, for example through past relationships or any toxic situation, must be released before we can move forward with our lives. When we interact with others an energetic connection with them is formed. Many of these connections are positive, but often we retain negative connections with people from our past or present which are unhelpful to us as we try to progress with our lives. Cord cutting is an effective way of releasing these connections and reclaiming personal energy. These treatments are useful in saying goodbye to people from the past, however it can also be used to remove energies from a current relationship, leaving the positive connections intact so that both parties can move forward together.
  • Ancestral releasing
    • We all hold within us the traumatic stories and grief of our ancestors. This energy is cyclical and hereditary, passed on from generation to generation. This energy needs to be cleared so that we can free ourselves of ancestral patterns that inform our behaviour and health. Ancestral releasing allows us to break free of these patterns and helps our ancestors move on to the place they need to be.
  • Transition rights
    • Transition rights allow you to deal with difficult crossroads in your life. These may be at the end of a relationship, a job or at a turning point in life. We are often scared or anxious at the prospect of a life change because we worry about the future and can feel insecure and alone. This gentle process will allow you to view your next steps with renewed optimism, energy and enthusiasm. By knowing that our destiny is in our hands we can affect it and make our lives a success. 
  • Death rights
    • This is used in sessions at a close of a cyclical pattern of time.
  • Destiny retrieval
    • The process of destiny retrieval is offered after many sessions with clients. This destiny is the greatest possible life you can achieve for yourself, where you embrace your full potential and achieve what you truly desire. We all have the potential for greatness but this can be affected by trauma in our lives, which leads us to believe that we have limited capabilities. By undertaking destiny retrieval you will be able to understand your true self and achieve what you previously thought was beyond you.
  • Despachos
    • Despacho is an ancient ritual that has been ceremony shared by the Q’ero shamans of the high Andes of Peru. Going through a despacho session will allow you to reconnect with the universe. You will honour it and receive a full understanding of what the universe provides for you on a daily basis. The ritual is exceptionally powerful and will allow you gain a greater understanding of how you are connected to everything and how it is connected to you.
    • It is a practice of gratitude and thankfulness given as an act of love and reciprocity where you will learn that to receive you must give, and to give you must receive; eventually becoming aligned with the universe.
    • "When we form heart-centered beliefs within our bodies, in the language of physics we’re creating the electrical and magnetic expression of them as waves of energy, which aren’t confined to our hearts or limited by the physical barrier of our skin and bones. So clearly we’re “speaking” to the world around us in each moment of every day through a language that has no words: the belief-waves of our hearts”. Greg Braden
    • Read more Andean Masters Share Secrets for Manifestation with Despachos
  • Clairvoyant mediumship
    • Delicia can also contact people who have passed on if you feel you have unresolved issues with loved ones, or are just seeking guidance from the ones you love and trust.
    • “It was very touching a real testament to the impact she has on clients and the audiences of spiritualism, having watched her demonstrate many times, I can honestly say she is a remarkable individual who processes a rather wonderful gift and a unique manner in which to present which is both sensative and kind while being firm and direct.” Natalie Turner-Jones
  • House clearings
    • Delicia is available to clear any building whether it be your home or work place of any stagnant energy that has settled, including any spirit release that may be necessary or any energy that you feel has attached itself. This brings back a sense of calm and peace with balance returned, allowing you and your environment to live more happily together and move forward with your life choices. Rates are negotiable depending on size of the building. Please contact Delicia for more information.
  • Dying consciously
    • Assisting someone during their final time and releasing the dense energies and emotions that hold them makes their passing a beautiful and peaceful ceremony. The mind, body and soul are going through many transitions at this time and to have someone to guide them is a beautiful privilege.
  • Fire ceremony
    • Fire ceremonies are an ancient tradition that shamans perform individually, with clients or in groups to connect with the universe and may be also undertaken as a ritual to perform with clients, usually around the time of the full and new moons. The ceremonies allow you to create sacred space, release your limitations and return to your heart-centered consciousness.
  • Animal healing
    • Delicia is available to work individually with your animals. Please contact Delicia for further details.
    • “The eternal being, as it lives in us, also lives in every animal.” Arthur Schopenhauer
  • What to expect afterwards
    • Greater clarity
    • Personal insights
    • Personal issue resolution
    • Difficult emotional liberation
    • Emotional harmony
    • Deeper understanding of self and others
    • Improved personal and family relationships
    • Personal focus
    • Improved personal creativity
    • Stronger universal connection